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Send me the bill, please.

I'm going crazy, but so what, I am here, I do what I do.


You, you, you, and yes you, can be a big help in saving our kind from mutual destruction, assured mutual destruction, hell on earth, torturous mental and physical death and the possibly worse, and all you have to do is follow some common sense common law processes that have been laying around for more than a few thousand years.

Is that not a big carrot?

What is the stick? Where does the stick come from? Who is ordering the use of this stick? Who is creating our assured mutual destruction?

Who orders us to commit suicide by cannibalism, and why are the people obeying that order without question?

Common law presentments and indictments by people assembled into grand juries whereby victims are named by name, criminals are named by name, the actual laws broken are named by name, and a deal is offered to victim and criminal seeking a voluntary, negotiated, settlement to restore the victim, deter the criminal, and if the offer is rejected, inevitably by the criminal, hardly likely to be rejected by the victim, but non-the-less, rejection of the peaceful, paperwork solution, sends the due process into trial by jury mode.

I am a fool? I get that a lot.

I can read, however, and I can understand the words written, so that may be foolish on my part according to some people.

I can read:

Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,

Two cases in point.

Man bites dog. No wait, that is a funny story, and this one is not so funny. Dog refuses to obey criminal order to attack innocent woman. End of story? No, that is not the end of the story, so case 1 involves more than a Man bites Dog sound bite to entertain, divide, and conquer the people. There is an order to attack, so case one finds the perpetrators in this case where an order to attack an innocent women is a common law grand jury case in that county.

Meanwhile back at the ranch in every county in California, and who knows what is going on in other States other than New York, and if anyone wants to know precisely what is happening in New York, in forensic detail, then ask, and you will receive, but meanwhile back at the ranch in California the case against the criminals stealing all the land in California focuses in on at least one Jewish Princess in Los Angeles. I hope Grace can forgive my liberal employment of her good name.

In each case there can be an accurate accounting done because people demanding an accurate accounting in each case WILL result in a supply.

Basic Economics.

So the idea in California is to return all the stolen loot stolen from the Jewish Princess in Los Angeles and in that same act of moral integrity all the other victims of the same crime are made whole again too.

Now the POWER to purchase World War III, feeding all those foreign troops ordered by criminals to occupy our homes, no longer flows to them, and they go back home to find productive work, and meanwhile, back at the Ranch, we have demands for better lives, so we have the spending power to pay those who supply those things we now have the power to demand.

Well Joe, that is quite a story line you have cooked up in your pea brain, if only Joe was smarter than a German Shepard.

I'm none to smart but I can read.

Bark when told.

See how that works for you.

It is not news, it is history.

It is now in our faces.

Look away at your own cost.