Comment: At least Reid isn't hiding the true agenda of the summit:

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At least Reid isn't hiding the true agenda of the summit:

"The 7th annual National Clean Energy Summit will highlight how the private sector, through public-private partnerships and collaboration, is deploying clean energy, investing in innovation, modernizing our nation’s electric grid, and reducing climate pollution."

Rosa Koire gives just one example of how Public Private Partnerships work: the prison industrial complex - in this wonderful presentation.

The blurring of the line between what is public (where people have a say through their representatives, at least in theory!) and what is private (with a whole different set of laws and codes) is exceedingly dangerous. For one, the whole concept of "risk" takes on new meaning when taxpayers have to foot the bill for poor business decisions OR for gov't mandated endeavors for which there is no market). Also, these PPP's are EXEMPT from "sunshine laws" and other avenues by which citizens can hold gov't accountable. Issues pertaining to PPP's will be in the courts for years and years because it BLURS everything. ***We're not just heading towards an Agenda 21-driven one world government, but a global Corporatocracy.***

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