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Ron Paul SC debate

My move to liberty was in steps. I had never been politically active as a kid, but was mostly interested in history. After 9/11, I realized that history was more than old stories but events that had an impact on the present and future. I will never forget coming home and my sister coming to me with tears running down her face, because she had seen clips of Palestinians cheering the death of Americans. She could not understand why strangers who she had never harmed cheered the death of people an away. I explained to her the intervention of the West in the middle east, biased support for the government of Israel(even when it was acting immorally), and the rest.

A few years later, I was in 9th grade and support was building up for a new invasion of Iraq. A guy in my science class was confident(like many people back then) that the war would last a few months at most, like Desert Storm/First Gulf War. One of my favorite quotes from history is accredited to a Russian Foreign Minister on the eve of the Russo-Japanese War, the one about "We need a Short Victorious War to stem the tide of revolution.". Even then, it was clear to me that Iraq was about more than profit, it was about power.

The final hurdle was my freshman year in college(where most youngsters solidify their politics). I flirted with the Reform party in my senior year of high school, because I knew I would be able to vote in 2008, so I had better start thinking about my politics. My home was not a partisan household.My mom votes regularly, but she says anyone who votes straight party line is an idiot(It was from her that I learned that voting matters more locally than nationally).

In August of 2005, I had just entered college, but I considered myself a moderate. The truth was, I had not made up my mind.I then saw the same footage that the rest of the country saw. People stranded on the tops of their homes as street flooded. It made me sad.

But then I found out that the head of FEMA, had no emergency management experience, the Senator was the Governor's brother, the mayor was corrupt, and the army maintained the levees. I saw martial law imposed on a major American city. Finally, the stories came of trucks being sent to the wrong places, and warehouses full of supplies lying idle because some bureaucrat had not done the right paperwork. Private people and Companies had to come and solve the problems that government, with all of its money and people, could not. The people of New Orleans would have starved and died like third world refugees, if left to the national government. I went from sad to angry.

A few years later,in 2007, the final straw was when I was watching the new hampshire republican debate. I was checking out each party to see if their was a candidate I could support. The republicans went first because their primaries are earlier. Someone I trusted, had joined a facebook group for some congressman who was running for president. I followed politics a bit, but I had never heard of this guy.

I listened to the debate and this guy made so much sense. Then he got a question, I forget what it was about exactly, but I will never forget the most pointed part of his answer.

He admitted that the Trilateral Commission existed!

My parents had taught me about this, but I had never seen any public figure mention it.

My heart skipped a beat.

I knew people had been threatened/killed for even hinting about the Trilateral Commission and its role in shaping the policies of the United States government.

I emailed my mom the next day with the link to the video. The following days, I realized that I had found the candidate in whom i could believe, but could also shape my beliefs. Looking back, I remember thinking that I was supporting someone who could be killed before election day(Persons who expose the dark secrets of the shadow government sometimes have "accidents").

But his approach about the Non Aggression Principle as the foundation for how society should be organized, and that the people can and should check the power of their government at every possible turn excited me. I became more and more libertarian as I followed the people and ideas that most of us know(Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell,etc.).

I have a buddy who came to the liberty movement shortly after I did.It the same friend who invited me into the ron paul group ironically.He had voted for mccain out of party loyalty(a decision he deeply regrets). In '08, I picked Chuck Baldwin after Ron supported him.

Every day, I surprised how our people and our ideas are being vindicated.

I know I have chosen the side of victors of this struggle over the hearts of minds of the people, and we know that the victors write the history.