Comment: The Republican Primaries

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The Republican Primaries

were the last straw for me. I already knew what was happening concerning the Shadow Government but I still naively had hope that Ron Paul--being the champion of the people--could win the nomination. I did think that if he won he would probably be assassinated RFK style before he ever moved into the White House, but cross that bridge...

Let's face it: the media and GOP put their malevolence on full display in trying to stop Ron in 2012. He would have won Iowa in a fair contest (he nearly won it anyway, in spite of all the cheating!!!), and then New Hampshire, and on from there. Look what they did to us in Maine! And Nevada! And so many others...

If Alex Jones or Ben Swann were an uncensored national TV station like Fox and CNN, and if we were allowed equal time and a real election could take place with the VOTES being COUNTED correctly, Ron Paul would've easily won the whole thing. But just seeing how they twisted everything and constantly lied and manipulated results so desperately in their wickedness--THAT was my Winston Smith moment.

John F