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What is the Definition of Sobriety Check in Florida Law?

Under New York motor vehicle law a sobriety test implies a scientific chemical test such as breath or bodily fluid analysis. If operating a motor vehicle on the public highways or parking lots at the time of detention you must submit to a sobriety test or be charged with a either a crime (e.g., misdemeanor or felony depending upon the circumstances) and arrested or given a written indictment of violation (i.e., appearance ticket). The best thing to do is not be under the influence of any drug while driving since the government can charge you with crimes and perform severe civil punishment.

If you are not operating a vehicle (e.g., inside a public place) a person does not have to take a sobriety test or present any document of identification but must state their name and where they reside if asked.

When first questioned by a police or peace officer ask if you are free to leave. If you are denied your right to move on then say you exercise your right to remain silent and speak no further. If the officer places you under arrest whether valid or not you must acquiesce to the fact you are under the control of law enforcement. Do not offer any resistance but continue to remain silent and do not give your signature to anything unless advised by legal council.