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I don't use much pesticide

unless it's an absolutely uncontrollable situation, and even then it's only ever pyrethrin dust, which washes off after a rain or two and breaks down rather quick being an organic compound extracted from chrysanthemums. And I often wait until the flowers are closing up in the evening while the new ones for the next day haven't opened yet, so it doesn't get so many bees. We have tons of bees around here, but the most common bee seen in the garden and everywhere is the big yellow and black bumble bees. Just on the redbud alone (the pink tree) while it's in bloom, there's three or four hundred at least, at any given time. You can hear the whole tree buzzing from 20 ft away. Same with the garden in the morning in the summer - you can actually hear the whole garden buzzing from the bumble bees while you stand in it. It's loud too. (It's why I won't get rid of that redbud and replace it with another fruit tree - those bees are there at it every year and they stay close by for it.)

Usually squash bugs are the worst problem around here late in the season and potato beetles on the potatoes, and unfortunately when it comes to those two, if you don't use something semi-tough, you won't put a dent in them.