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Simple but usually wrong...

Most contracts, especially purchase contracts on a credit bases, will state that a negotiable debt instrument is being initiated by the agreement and that the lenders rights in the debt can be assigned. If the debt, even without such verbiage, is reduced to judgment via a Court case. The judgment itself is a salable debt instrument and enforceable by its owner.

All mortgages contain this verbiage ...but also carry other filing responsibilities with the state when a sale of the debt instrument is made...not so on most other things unless they require UCC filings with the state...always a good idea for the lender.

Most debt collectors are attorney's who are acting on the behalf of he lender/seller and as such, are acting legally as long as they are operating within the boundaries set by the FDCPA. Court cases brought about by a collections attorney are filed under the name of the lender/seller, even if "Credit Solutions" called asking for payment..."Credit Solutions" may be the trade name of the Attorney and is irrelevant once paperwork starts flying as it is still the original lender/seller that is suing you.

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