Comment: Funny, but no rips on the Federal Reserve

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Funny, but no rips on the Federal Reserve

Thanks for the video link, but your headline is factually incorrect; it doesn't actually "destroy the Federal Reserve". Although it correctly explains some problems in pretty good detail, it never even mentions the Federal Reserve, not even once in passing.

You're grasping horribly to claim that this episode "destroys the Federal Reserve". It's more accurate to say that it "destroys" banks, the Treasury, and Christianity, since it is clearly mocking each of them, in addition to a vague, passing jab at both conservative and liberal talking heads (with two of the other "soapbox preachers" in the scene at 3:33).

In fact the closest thing that it comes to mentioning the Federal Reserve's role in the economic crisis is when the first soapbox preacher blames "the government" for "keeping interest rates too low for too long". We know that it was the Federal Reserve that did that, but this video twists the quote as a complaint about "the government" and mocks the idea.

Far from "destroying the Federal Reserve" this video works against our attempts at waking people up about the Federal Reserve's role in the mess. It actually depicts "faith in the economy" as the answer, specifically that borrowing and spending more as the way to recovery.

Think before you write your headline and try to see what is really being said, instead of what we would like it to say.