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Comment: Good to see Sabrin back in the fight

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Good to see Sabrin back in the fight

I was pleased to see that Sabrin was running again for US Senate. Wish he and Steve Lonegan would work together on fundraising or something. Sabrin is worth supporting and would be a good elected official, but he needs to raise a lot more money to make it into a competitive race.

Since the filing deadline is over, he can't switch to a more winnable race (like Congress or State Senate) so he now has to focus on building a serious campaign. The Dem incumbent currently has $1,815,704 in his campaign account (raised over $13 million in last year's campaign) and Sabrin has $49,642 raised so far. That's better than the other Republicans but a far cry from what he needs for a serious campaign. The factors of New Jersey's Democratic lean (D+6) and the popularity and newness of Senator Booker will be hard to overcome, but it's a worthy fight to take on.

All my best to Murray Sabrin.