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As usual...

fairly early on I ran out of actual ground space for planting as much as I wanted to so I invested in some Smart Pots which come in different sizes, are made of a felt like fabric and can be purchased via Amazon. They can be placed in a patio, atop the side of a driveway or anywhere they will be exposed to sun.

It was a successful adventure as I was able to harvest many potatoes from not too many plants and they were very good to eat. For those who would like to plant but don't have the space this may be something to consider.

The pots were originally used by tree growers, they are light weight, reusable and keep roots cool in hot weather.

For me, growing in the actual ground is always preferable however if you don't have the space but don't want to miss out on the fun of growing your own food, these are well worth the try.