Comment: Rand should treat Peter King ...

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Rand should treat Peter King ...

... the same way a presidential candidate would treat a TV talking head (because that is all King is).

King is not running for president. The TV talking heads are not running for president. You don't respond to each and every moronic statement, unless it is outrageous and/or you are directly asked.

Paul should not challenge King to a debate. But if he is asked about the comment or someone raises King in an interview, Rand Paul should say:

"Well, you know, the ideas that Peter King espouses are not conservative, traditional Republican ideas. Peter King is a big-government, big-spending politician who always wants war everywhere. He wanted war in Libya, he wants war in Syria, and he wants war in Iran. If you think about it, he's in agreement with Barack Obama more than he is with traditional, conservative principles. [Laughing] Maybe he should switch parties because his ideas are more inline with the Democrat Party, not the traditional, conservative values of the Republican Party, which are less government regulation, a balanced budget, and a strong national defense to protect the people, but not waging wars everywhere in the world, making people around the world dislike Americans. So, I think Republicans should stand for smaller government, Republican ideas, and leave the big government rhetoric to people like Peter King and the Democrats."