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Seriously? I'm a free

Seriously? I'm a free thinking man. That means I approach every issue differently and with common sense. One part of that is to not fall for conspiracies neither from the left or right. And to take everything you are first told with a grain of salt.

Why I believe the Bundy story is uninteresting, is simply because it has ZERO effect on life as we know it. If you want to change things, this has nothing to do with change in any positive sense.

Why I believe it is stupid, is because of the insane outrage it has caused, over something as insignificant as one single dude not paying his fees properly.

I'm here because of Ron Pauls alternative freedom message, and I thank him for opening my eyes to many other clever people out there.

Counter argument. You are for real. And you are not alone. But thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is either a CIA operative or on George Soros payroll must take it's toll. It's also a false view of people that gets you nowhere but into circular arguments with likeminded. My statement had little to do with freedom and more to do with a guy breaking the law, which neither Paul propose you do in the sense they did at the ranch.

This specific issue has nothing to do with the Ron Paul movement, and more to do with classic right wing ideology. Hence why Sean Hannity is raving about it. As this isn't a Ron Paul issue, maybe you should try a different site. What about