Comment: Lord I hope this isn't

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Lord I hope this isn't

Lord I hope this isn't escalating. Truth is, no one knew who made the "shot heard 'round the world" that started the Revolutionary War. We all know there are reasons the feds obviously want this to escalate and I'm so afraid they'll infiltrate the people who show up to support the Bundys in order to make that first shot (pretend it's from the supporters) to justify going after anyone in their way. Look at all the reasons they want this to escalate: big money deals, to make sure those pesky Americans know not to stand up to them, and to find an excuse to alienate and isolate everyday ordinary Americans, Tea Partiers, patriots, anyone who disagrees with the status quo. We have neocons who love perpetual war (even if it's here), ever-changing boundaries, and constant chaos so that there is more control over the people. Why can't this situation be addressed peacefully? I pray it will be.