Comment: If we stopped fracking tomorrow.

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If we stopped fracking tomorrow.

Our economy would literally be in the dumpster.(unless we actually want to pay the debt ourselves, rather than tariffs) I wonder why there isn't many geophysicist coming out in favor of this. Infact why is it the only scientist that come forward are usually Suad's? (my guess is their running out of oil, but not money. They can convince anyone to believe anything it seems. Waiting for the Matt Damon movie post.)

How people can be so dumb thinking that oil isn't natural and yet one of the moons in our solar system has 3/4 of it's surface covered in the stuff and there is no life on the planet. (no could there of ever of been. Don't give me underground water conspiracies or hollow earths)

There is bacteria eating oil -- but not oil making bacteria. We need oil to live. We cannot live without it. For those that want to go back to the 13th century go live in mexico. Seriously pretty sure fracking is illegal there, along with everything else.