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Comment: I am OPPOSED to Voter ID

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I am OPPOSED to Voter ID

I am OPPOSED to Voter ID at this point and time. Fraud is most prevalent at the "organized" level. There are many examples in 2012 alone.

Who counts the votes? Why are boxes removed and counted behind closed doors? How is it that multiple counties who have voted show a 0 count? Etc.

Requiring voter ID without addressing organized fraud will cost money, and require people to register with a database which will then be used for other things. It is bad enough that there is a push for National ID, and Biometric-ID in the "immigration reform" bill (S. 744), etc.

If people are so concerned about "individual" fraud, then IMO it is up to we the people to participate and work at the precincts during elections. It is far cheaper, and it puts control back into our hands.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul