Comment: Kerry is the world's foremost Jew-baiting antisemite

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Kerry is the world's foremost Jew-baiting antisemite

Rather unfortunately, John Forbes Kerry is the world's foremost Jew-baiting antisemite. The Jewish registry pamphlets that were being spread around a neighborhood of Donetsk in the name of the provisional governor were first reported by a Jerusalem newspaper, and copies dispatched simultaneously to the publicity organs of the State Department. Within an hour, Kerry had organized a press conference at Geneva to condemned the pamphlets -- and the pro-Russian Donetsk provisional government -- in the harshes terms.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has declared the pamphlets to be forgeries. At the same time, the Center condemned the originators of the pamphlets as incitements against Jews.

It is clear that Kerry and his minions Nuland and Psaki had a major role in the pamphlets -- and, in so doing, inciting antisemitism and Jew-baiting to provoke righteous outrage among White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and steer their indignity toward support for the state's policy in Ukraine.

It is the most cynical abuse of American gullibility yet, but it is ingenious at the core, as the WASP reaction has been swift: in the Apocalyptic visions of the WASPs, Putin is characterized as the new Hitler, and once more, the Jews are being flogged to the gas chambers. Only John Forbes Kerry can save the Jews from Adolf Putin!

Its pure genius. And pure evil.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"