Comment: serious consequences for our nation’s future

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serious consequences for our nation’s future

The problem lies in that 'we' are trying to solve the problems of a 'Nation' vs solving the problems of a Federal Republic.

We're trying to fix problems with an electoral system, that our Gov't was not designed to fix. Electing the Right people to fix problems using a system that wasn't designed to fix those problems will only serve to exacerbate those problems.

Something that few seem to recognize is that 'our' Leaders, who are supposed to be Representatives are operating a Nationalistic Oligarchy on the backbone of a Gov't designed to be a Federal Republic.

OF COURSE it will be messed up, no matter who is at the wheel!

Centrally Planning the lives of millions will ALWAYS produce results as we experiencing no matter who we elect. Unless those that we elect reverse the trend of being led from so far away. We must take control of and responsibility for the health of our own communities.