Comment: Jennifer Rubin’s Rand Paul obsession: April edition

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Jennifer Rubin’s Rand Paul obsession: April edition

Matt Palumbo, Rare Contributor
Posted on April 21, 2014 10:02 am

Andrew Sullivan ran the headline last week, “The Neocons Lose Their Sh*t Over Rand Paul.”

He wasn’t kidding.

In the first three weeks of April, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin mentioned Rand Paul’s name more than any other political figure including President Obama.

Rubin mentioned Paul’s name 147 times from April 1-20. She only mentioned Obama 131 times (not including “Obamacare,” but just President Obama or his administration specifically).

For comparative context, she mentioned Ted Cruz 36 times, Vladimir Putin got 33 mentions, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were mentioned 32 times each, Marco Rubio got 18 and Chris Christie was mentioned 14 times.

Last month, I reported that Rubin had mentioned Paul’s name 143 times from March 1-21. For March, this was more times than any other political figure with the exception of President Obama, at 206 times.

But in April, we see that Rubin’s focus on the tea party senator has eclipsed even that of the President of the United States.