Comment: "Useful idiots" like economic hitmen

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"Useful idiots" like economic hitmen

I read John Perkins' book, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", which was excellent. It detailed how he would make outlandish projections so other countries would take loans for energy projects which of course could never meet these astronomical projections, so they'd default on the loans and the US would get infrastructure for pennies on the dollar.

If he didn't convince, then they sent in the jackals (CIA).

Seems like those tactics are now being used on We The People, instead of other countries.

But then, we didn't say "We The Americans" now, did we? So those tactics have always been used on free people, who do not appreciate it then, and do not appreciate it now. Blowback is a "cool" word for consequences, which always happen. Always.

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