Comment: Caine was a director ...

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Caine was a director ...

... not the president. Directors have no power. It is just a grooming program to identify who they can trust and who will do whatever they want.

Caine doesn't seem all that smart, if you look at some of his one-on-one interviews. He somehow became connected into the system when he was at Pillsbury (probably) and he was involved in the buyout of Godfather Pizza. After that, he was invited into the Fed system.

This is why he was rolled out as the 9-9-9 guy. He didn't come up with that himself (IMO). It was a trial balloon to see how people would react to a new national sales tax, and it was the main reason he was in the race. Watch for it again (or something similar) in 2016.

Geithner was president of the New York Fed. This is the #1 power position within the Fed. Geithner's father was CIA at the Ford Foundation (CIA front), where he was the boss of Obama's mother (also CIA, as were both of her parents).

The president of the New York Fed has all the power in the system, and I suspect he issues orders based on what he's told to do by the two largest members of the NY Fed: JP Morgan Chase and Citibank (both Rockefeller banks).