Comment: If voting is a citizen's

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If voting is a citizen's

If voting is a citizen's right, then how can government justifiably put a qualifier in-front of a right? How could a government be justified in forcing the citizen to spend money(paying for a DL or ID) to exercise their(the citizen's) right? Unless, that is, that you want to issue state ID's FREE of charge.

Even if supplying all citizens with ID's for free, is your solution, there is nowhere such a requirement to show proof before one is ALLOWED to utilize their natural born rights other than the purchase of a gun and voting; how is it that qualifiers can be added to the two most vital of rights, and people not only are not shouting from the rooftops against this, but the people are shouting in support of it?.

If you believe in allowing government to apply a qualifier in-front of one right, then you are obviously in support of the government installing qualifiers in-front of ALL natural rights. Then the question becomes how do you limit the number of qualifiers added in-front of rights, which the individual would have to meet before being permitted to utilize their natural right.