Comment: It is not voluntary for the parent

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It is not voluntary for the parent

Nature bonds the parents, especially the mother. Her body creates the correct formula of breast milk for her child. Produces anti bodies when the child is sick.

You can't give away that responsibility as nobody else can fulfill that role.

Does this entitle you to abuse your child? of course not. Just because the non-aggression principle doesn't apply, is not an argument for physical abuse.

The problem is that people have expanded physical abuse using the non-aggression principle to even justify basically non discipline. You shouldn't even put your kid in the corner. Don't take away their toys, that is psychological abuse etc. Somehow we have lost the context of what is a spanking for discipline and what is traumatic abuse. Traumatic abuse can take many forms, doesn't have to be spanking or even physical. You can't know if something is abuse if you don't know the context, how was it applied, the severity, the emotional state of the child.