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Perhaps your other childhood

Perhaps your other childhood experiences mitigated the effect that spanking had on you. I'm not saying "if a child gets spanked they always will look to force to solve problems", but I am saying that the seed is planted. There are certainly other ways than spanking that this seed can get planted as well.

I had parents that did not spank me and I turned out just fine. I'm sure there are people who were spanked and they turned out just fine as well. My point is that if we avoid using force to solve problems in society, whether it involves parenting or it is political, we will raise a generation of children who are MORE LIKELY to find nonviolent ways to solve problems. (Note that I did not say "always")

My definition of moral in this case is "do not initiate violence against another", especially when they are completely dependent on you and have no capability of defending themselves. There are other ways to resolve issues when parenting. They're not as easy, but they work AND are moral.