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Comment: I disagree

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I disagree

The love and respect you have for your father came from the love and respect he had for you, however the authority he had came from force. Your submission to his authority without spanking came from the fact that your first memories were of a time when he used force on you, maybe not spanking, but physical force none the less. Children's brains develop at a time when they are physically controlled in every aspect of their lives. Parents use force to dress them, to feed them, to keep them safe in the house and room and bed the parent dictates. Children begin their conscious lives living in a world in which you are their ultimate dictator and even if you don't spank them as they get older, they are still accustomed to the force you used to raise them. There are dangers when that force gets out of balance or when you don't release that authority enough as they grow, however people are just flat out wrong if they believe that the force you use to spank your 5 year old isn't the same force you used to strap your crying 3 year old into a car seat and it is that force which creates authority, not love and understanding.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).