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In my head....

...I'm thinking of "force" in the same way that we think of it in taxes lets say. Force makes you pay taxes. Is it physical violence like the violence of a cop beating you? No. But the force used to make you pay taxes is backed up by that physical violence. In that capacity, force is always physical violence, or coercion by threat of physical violence.
Take this example: It is force to put your kid in time out. It is force to kidnap a person and keep them in your house. Is that kidnapping force any less "violent" than physically keeping your kid in time out? The only thing keeping a person locked in your basement is your physical ability to keep them there just as the only thing keeping your kid in time out is your physical ability to keep them there.
Now take spanking for example, that is force. But lets say you punch a guy at the bar who make a lewd comment to your wife. That is force. Both are violent.
Now tell me what gets you more jail time: locking someone in your house, or punching a guy at the bar?
Obviously locking someone in your house does. The "force" or threat of physical violence required to keep them in your house is no less aggressive than the force you used to punch the guy.
So, why do we think that spanking your child is somehow less physically aggressive or violent than keeping them in timeout. In the adult world where we want to be libertarians, its obvious why the punishment for kidnapping or false imprisonment is worse than the punishment for punching a dude. But in the parenting world, we somehow think that spanking is the worst form of force you can use. I'm not super pro-spanking to the extent that I think it is the best for everyone, but until libertarians see the similarity between the force they use in time out, or in taking away the kid's xBox and the force they use in spanking, I think many non-spankers will continue to demonize spankers unjustly. Parenting is not libertarian. All "authority" and force is backed by violence or it is really just mutual agreement.

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