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In addition to... response to your comment below, imagine we lived in a world where getting in a bar room brawl was the worst crime you could commit. Imagine that you get 20 years in prison for fighting a guy at the bar, but you only get 1 year for kidnapping some woman and keeping her in your basement. Obviously those punishments should be flip flopped a bit in terms of seriousness. We don't view punching some guy as being as bad as kidnapping someone.
Now think of that force on a parent/child level. Is it force to put them in timeout (kidnapping) Yes. Is it force to spank them (punch some dude at the bar)? Yes. Which seems worse? When we talk about using force on kids, the spanking always gets the bad wrap like it is worse than when you imprison them in their room, or (commit theft) by taking their Xbox.
Every way you exert force on your child is backed by physical violence. It is easier to see that with adults so when adults use that force on each other, the consequences are more drastic for theft and kidnapping then they are for assault.
In any case, its all force. Its all aggression, and its all natural. We can logically reason why it is justified when we are parents but not justified when we are interacting with other adults or other people's children.

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