Comment: That's no different

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That's no different

than someone saying "if you're against the War on Terror then you're against freedom". You're taking two completely different topics and trying to tie them together. Also, I wasn't under the impression that everyone had to agree with Ron Paul 100% of the time. As so many here love pointing out, not even his own son does that, nor should he.

The fact that you then go on to equate being "against" spanking to "loves murdering children" is among the most ridiculous claims I've ever read on this site, and that's saying a mouthful.

This site is as sensationalist and intellectually dishonest as the MSM at times, thanks to people like you.

Oh and before you jump to any conclusions, though I'm sure you already have, I don't give a damn is someone spanks their kid or not.

(PS: it's "you're", not "your")

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