Comment: I didn't click it. I don't

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I didn't click it. I don't

I didn't click it. I don't need to click it to know what their point is. Heard it before (for 50 years) and it hasn't changed... "Spanking BAD, Children INJURED, Parents DANGEROUS". Heard it all before and I can guarantee that this study is no different than all the others. An agenda existed before the study and they made sure to find "data" that supported their positions. I don't need a study. I've raised my own kids. I was once a kid. I know what people have said for thousands of years about child rearing.

How about the flip side to this study?? How many children avoid potential life threatening accidents because a spanking has taught them to stay away from the balcony, not play with the outlet, don't tease the neighbor's dog??

No, I don't need to waste my time clicking it, thanks...

Beware the cult of "government"...