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She didn't say anything of

She didn't say anything of the sort. She said right out of the gates she preferred a "Volunteer society." What do you want? A neon sign? Do you not know what a Volunteerist is?

I have no idea if Julia means to run for anything. However if she ever did, and there was an interview where she said; "I'm an anarchist" she would be torn apart. That's the sad reality of our political system and our government-propaganda news. Political power is like a gun. Just because you don't have one, doesn't mean you can't be killed by one.

To take political power, you have to convince thousands of uneducated, frightened collectivists to vote for you. Ideas like shrinking government, personal responsibility and freedom scare these people. Does it seem immoral to you to "sneak" into office by not announcing that you don't believe in the authority of the gang we call government? Well to me, it seems "immoral" that these drooling idiots have the power to fill out a little piece of paper every few years and rob my children blind by voting to extract my property and prosperity so they can have free stuff.

I have absolutely 0 guilt about pretending to be a "republican" in order to gain political power so I can dismantle the state. Zero. As far as I'm concerned, this is self defense, and if Jan was grilling me if I was an anarchist and I had any plans to maybe run for political office, I can only HOPE I would be as savvy as Julie was.