Comment: Peterson's statements about the trees

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Peterson's statements about the trees

are so sad. Just this spring we have 6 or 7 huge Aspens and Cottonwoods that have fallen over. These trees along the creek are hundreds of years old and in my 18 years being here have never lost a tree til last year.

Watch the birds coming back this year. Last year was only about a third of normal. I have seen only one Robin so far and one strange confused Blue Bird. He tried numerous times to come in windows, one on the east side and one on the north. Last summer a big Black Bear set close to my deck just watching and looking at us. I can not help feeling all the wild animals, birds, fish in the sea (coming up on shore and/or attacking people) are they all trying to tell us something and begging for our help?

Large amount of Deer dying from a disease carried by an insect; is this because there are not enough birds left to eat the insects? Just feel so damn helpless. How do we stop this madness and renew our planet?

Big Blue Skies of Montana ARE being sprayed daily.