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it's a pretty good Analogy. I am a Supervisor for UPS in the package division. There are plenty of times that our Drivers encounter dogs...outside in yards, on a tether, or behind their owners at the door. You can never be sure where you might encounter the dog and you can never be sure how a dog may act.

We DO train our Drivers...and most of them take to carrying a box of milkbones in the package cars. They call out to the owners as they approach the house, establish an understanding with the owners, ask if they can give the dog treats and then greet the dogs on their routes with such treats every time they are there.

If it's a loose dog you just don't get out or you toss a milkbone in the opposite direction.

This Police Officer could have done a number of things, but shooting the dog BEHIND the ear didn't have to be one of them.