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Sorry for the delayed response, I've been working.

All I did was pointed out that you have no idea what it was actually like. Why haven't you answered my question?

I'm not sure what there is to answer. No, I've never been abducted, shackled to a ship, taken to a foreign land, auctioned off as property, had my child sold to another master, my wife raped nor flogged with a bull whip. So, you are absolutely correct, I have no idea what slavery was like.

I don't think you have any idea what slavery is. It really doesn't matter whether a slave was beaten lightly enough to still work or whether he was never beaten. The bottom line was he had no liberties and was considered property of another man. He could not leave the plantation and seek an education. He wasn't allowed to own property. He faced the constant threat of death or physical abuse if he did not work. He could not tell his master "no" without the threat of death or physical abuse.

None of that applies to receiving a welfare check. You can still get an education. You can still improve your life. Some long-term welfare recipients are quite fine with the little they have. Obviously, they don't care to do anything. They are gaming the system. That to them is their job. Get paid for doing nothing. So, why wouldn't they be better off than being a slave? They don't care to do anything with their life anymore than what they're doing. They are not forced to work like a slave. They don't come home from a long day of picking cotton and have family time, they have family time all day. That's why Bundy's statement is so ridiculous.

Now, to answer your statement that I contradicted myself by saying I'd rather die than than be a slave versus receive a welfare check, there is no contradiction. I simply stated if I had a choice between the two, I'd take the welfare check. If I didn't have a choice and was forced to be a slave, I'd die fighting for my freedom. It's not that hard to understand if you value liberty.

The only emotion I have about the whole issue is one of frustration that some people just don't understand what liberty really is. All of Bundy's statements related to comparing welfare recipients being equal to traditional slavery. Actually, he suggested traditional slavery was preferable to what they have today.

Traditional slavery meant no matter how well slaves were treated, they had no liberties, period. You can't deny that, it is FACT. I'm open to an explanation on how not having any liberties is preferable to having liberties while on welfare whether you choose to exercise those liberties or not.