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Comment: Actually, it not the mention of slavery that makes me explode...

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Actually, it not the mention of slavery that makes me explode...

rather the suggestion that some people are better off with no liberties, as was the case of traditional slavery, than receiving a welfare check and keeping their liberties if they want to exercise them.

I don't understand why some people on a liberty forum don't get that.

Granted, I don't advocate public-funded welfare but it's better than traditional slavery.

In my original post, and you should go read it again, I clearly said, "I don't think Cliven is a racist per se but the man needs to think through everything when making statements about slavery."

By that statement I was saying Cliven wasn't a racist by expressing his poorly organized thoughts.

For the last time time and for the official record, I never said Bundy was a racist, never. Cut and paste the quote I made that said he was in your reply. Also, I don't care if a white man mentions slavery but if they state that people are better of with no liberties versus liberties while on welfare, that to me, is ridiculous.

When talking to the press white people should be smart enough to know that there is nothing positive you can say about slavery that will ever be accepted.

I do support Bundy's fight against the BLM but I wished he had not made such ridiculous statements.