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Laundryhead……You couldn’t be any more wrong

I know Law and he is a none of these things or lacks any ability of critical thinking

“At best you lack discernment and critical thinking skills. At worst, your a disinformation agent here to subvert, divide and distract.”

He just has not been exposed to the truth as of yet…….and apparently nether have you.

Andrew Gause is a greenbacker……straight off the Ellen Brown boat…..and these people scare me to death. I would say you don’t know squat about economies and lack the intelligence to discern fact from fiction. Yeah let the government print the money……God knows we could run it like the post office…….because that works like a dream.

If you don’t know the difference… is some help.

I am a currency expert…….I know the difference… should apologize to Law, because I have read some of his post regarding the Jewish religion and you cannot find a more articulate dissertation.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"