Comment: He wouldn't even endorse his own dad

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He wouldn't even endorse his own dad

His chess game is just so amazing even those closest to him will not know what he is doing. He is a jedi, with skills far more amazing than any of us could ever have thought.


sorry I couldn't keep going with that b.s.

Politics will NOT win our republic back. I used to think that getting a PRESIDENT that is FOR THE PEOPLE would get our amazing republic back but to be honest, anytime we THINK that having a single person to give us back our rights is 100% STUPID!

We the people need to take our country back. History will repeat itself and anyone who has come close to being that peacock of hope was SHOT, point/fact. History will repeat itself and the fact is that WE THE PEOPLE will need to stand up and hang the traitors even in this day and age.

Patriots will be looked at as traitors, we will be demonized and assumed to be AGAINST the amazing United Stated of America.

Voting has NEVER brought about real change in history and now that I realize AFTER THE FACT with a true patriot ( ron paul ), I know that NOTHING will actually give us back our true liberty except by terrifying FORCE.

We will all grow in this life but I will say that my little kids will NOT GROW UP scared to death of cops, traitors in our government and pretending that THEIR VOTE will actually mean anything. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana