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"Stern and Harsh" Sure, if

"Stern and Harsh"

Sure, if you're talking about feudal Japan. Modern Japan is VERY different. Sure some cultures might look at Japan as a bit "cold," because they don't kiss and hug when they see friends and some family, but that doesn't mean they don't love, nor does it mean they're not a great society. I heard my French friends say they think Japanese are too stern because they greet so coldly, just a bow, but I personally prefer it over kissing and hugging. For me, kissing and hugging is left for my family, not every single person I meet on a daily basis.

Japan and the Japanese definitely have their quirks and idiosyncrasies, but no more or less than the average American.

Japan is the most respectful, calm, clean, and organized society in the world, and they didn't get that way from beating the shit out of their kids with a rod, tree branch or a belt.

Yes, corporal punishment might take place in a kendo, karate, or judo dojo, but that is par for the course and if you can't handle it, then dismiss yourself!