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It's good to hear

about your experience with vaccinations. I replaced my beloved "Runner" with a mature Chessie his age that a breeder felt couldn't show. She is fanatical about refusing vaccinations and all non natural ingredients being introduced into a dog's system. She claims her Chessies live to be 17 or 18 which I found astounding. I've had some reach 15 but was very selfish keeping them that long. BTW my Chessie died from contracting MRSA during an ACL operation by a traveling Vet my normal vet used who had a serious infection on her hands. I had no idea it wasn't done by in house vets. They milked about 5 grand out of me for the disease after charging me about the same for the surgery.
That being said you must understand the position of most here, this is an instance which is becoming all too familiar. The shoot first and let the dog die has become standard operating procedure which demonstrates an incredible amount of indifference to those they are supposed to serve. Most here view cops this way. A young kid starts torturing flies and proceeds to go to small mammals. The logical progression is evident to the next step. Add to that society giving an individual the power of life and death, ever notice the similarities many of these cops have in their appearance?
I had one of these cretins, who had been a punk in high school, suddenly bulk up a couple of years after graduation. A close friend of mines daughter, who I viewed as a third daughter, was dating him. She was a grad student whose major was psychology and was nearing graduation. She attempted to break off her relationship with this cretin and he responded by blowing her brains out, luckily for him and I he also succeeded, accidentally I believe, to kill himself You could guarantee if it ever happened to me, dog or kid, there would be at least one more human dead, either the cop or me.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.