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The same epithaph of many companies.

The technology was perfected 50 years ago. Yet now, we must redevelop it as if it is all new, or just farm it out to Russia and use their rockets.
"During continued downsizing in the 1980s and '90s, Rockwell International shed several parts of the former North American Rockwell corporation. The aerospace entities of Rockwell International, including the former NAA and Rocketdyne, were sold to Boeing in 1996. Rocketdyne became part of Boeing's Defense division. In February 2005, Boeing reached an agreement to sell what was by then referred to as "Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power" to Pratt & Whitney. The transaction was completed on August 2, 2005. In the sale to Pratt & Whitney, the Power Systems division of Rocketdyne was transferred to Hamilton Sundstrand, another subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation."
They tinker around with old F-1s, but no more are built from scratch.