Comment: Peace would have long been the norm, if only...

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Peace would have long been the norm, if only...

Peace would have long been the norm if only the CFR and it's money source, the heart of the HYDRA, the FED, were not in such need of a continual state of war for both those very small countries.

It is the key to world hegemony for the Neocon controlled USA and their fiat, counterfeit, thieving money system. They need all the fighting to keep the churches in America in line with the coming establishment aim... a creation of the greatest Feudal serf system in history! Once the transfer of wealth through the money creation by the Fed is complete... then will be the collapse of paper money revealing the new world order of 'serfs', including both those countries.

The politically connected corporate fascists will become the new Lords! Then the man with the most gold wins, not the man with the most toys!

Rand's plan is far deeper apparently than the people on this site seem to be able to grasp.

We are using their own strategy against them! Anything which takes money from their war steps the right direction! Most people in both those nations wish for peace, as do most Americans... but those are the serfs not the Lords!

American CFR controlled administrations have not allowed the forces for peace in either place to actually have sway! I would be very surprised if Rand's bill makes it through the gauntlet of CFR domination! It is a 'poison pawn'.

As such it is brilliant! Shine the light a little more on the machinations of this evil crowd!

Like his father, Rand has opposed most, if not all unconstitutional foreign aid, of course! But doing so without a plan is a loosing skirmish in our very real efforts to defeat the HYDRA. To defeat the monster which feeds the future Lords one needs to go for the heart... a very protected Queen.

The RNC and DNC, ostensibly fighting over the seat of the bus and not over the throttle (they just threw the brakes away entirely of course with unlimited budget), have been circling the wagons around the heart of this FED hydra! They have become astutely aware of the writing on the wall which has become visible with the onset of the 2007 Ron Paul wave of grassroots knowledge and involvement!

The heart of the HYDRA is at risk as the people inevitably discover the corruption and perfidy, the treacherous and treasonous actions of this CFR crowd working it's theft for the last century! It was unthinkable that so many grassroots would read or understand the FED today, when one considers the apathy and couch potato mentality just 20 years ago!

Yet it has come to pass! In miraculously short time! 'That generation' is rising up!

The CFR is acutely aware. They have planned very deep and entrenched themselves in every field of endeavor, in every school, in every agency of the rapidly growing malignancy called the government, and in every party!

The immune system called congress has been on life support for decades! They have been infiltrated with either greedy lobbyist apprentices, old, fat, ignorant would-be Lords who went to Foggy Bottom to live... and die! But the key Lieutenants to watch and defeat are the ones who really know chess and have been enrolled in the CFR for their considerable time of rising to power!

To know them, to defeat them, requires the utmost, almost unthinkable stratagems, of the most complex intricacy! Never forget this folks!

Those here for some time on DP are a grassroots who have been made indigestible by any party! You have been tried in the fire of campaigns!

Keep this in mind when you see apparent inconsistencies in the actions of those who might be of the progeny of a great name! Follow Ron Paul's well calculated teachings, for it is necessary to the life of a free and independent state!

But, do not be baffled, distracted, or discouraged by the shallow moves of either side... especially ours!!!

Go Rand!

Ron Paul 2016!!

RNC, get used to the thought!!!