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The government’s new definition of terrorism: exercising constitutional rights. While our tradition applauds those who stand up and exercise their constitutional rights, the government’s new definition of terrorism condemns such patriotic actions, as a young Alaskan from Fairbanks named Schaeffer Cox has unfortunately learned.

Schaeffer Cox came to the attention of the government’s Sovereign Citizen Task Force circa 2010 at the ripe old age of 26 as he was traveling about the country speaking about the dangerous path of destruction that the federal government has been following for far too long. Schaeffer was advocating a return to a constitutional form of government and encouraging people to prepare for the disaster that will occur if we do not do so. At that time, Schaeffer had thrice climbed Mt. McKinley and had already achieved renown for establishing the Second Amendment Task Force in Fairbanks and other Alaskan locales, and for creating the Liberty Bell, a network of concerned citizens who, upon being called, come to the scene to observe and record police encounters. Schaeffer also had a budding political career, receiving nearly 40 percent of the vote running against an incumbent in the Republican primary for the Alaska House of Representatives.

The government’s response to all of this was to employ two despicable agents provocateur — crime creators — in efforts to intimidate, coerce, and otherwise pressure Schaeffer into “committing” a crime for which the government could then prosecute him into silence... (read more):

Ray Powell
Founder, Hacking For Change
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