Comment: Move to Sacramento. Get your own free water meter, $1,000 each.

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Move to Sacramento. Get your own free water meter, $1,000 each.

Water w/o Meters! Excess city water free, Sacramento, California! $1,000 water meter! US taxpayers pay for new Sacramento water meters.

"Thou shall have water meters." The US Government is funding. California state is mandating.

"Water meter? Why should we pay more for less?" Sacramento residents are complaining.

[The Sacramento interactive water meter map not found on this server. We (City of Sacramento) apologize for the inconvenience.]]

Non-interactive out-of-date map here:

Despite urgent calls for water conservation amid one of California's worst droughts, more than 255,000 homeowners and businesses across the state can still use all the water they want without paying higher bills., Sacramento, California Water Mater? California drought: More than 255,000 homes and businesses still don't have water meters statewide (mostly, Sacramento & immediately adjacent neighborhoods).

And nobody even knows how much water they are using.

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