Comment: Hey, you know what...?

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Hey, you know what...?

Maybe you and your family should go move from your home to the middle of the pacific surrounded by the polluted water from Fukushima?

How would you like that?

Now why would you wish that on innocent families that have done nothing to you?

Your Nazi Jew-blaming makes me sick. The more I see the undeserved Jew hate and collectivist blaming of "The Jews", the more I ashamed that individuals like you call yourselves "liberty lovers". You are not.

You know how many so-called 'Christian' individuals, and so-called 'Muslims' are involved in the NWO? But no one refers to "The Christians" or "The Muslims" the way you collectivize Jewish people as "The Jews".

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?