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Comment: The cannon!!!!

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The cannon!!!!

I know what you are talking about..I had the cannon!!! The cannon was like a civil war kind of cannon and yes it fired black hollow cannon balls with a hole through them that fit over a shaft and allowed you to stick the cannon ball in and jam it down in the barrel thereby cocking the spring.

As to the bazooka, I believe I remember blue "finned" mortar shells...

My father was West Point class of '56 and commander of the European Rifle Team when I was born in Augsburg, Germany. I too started with guns at a very early age. Back then, in Germany there were bars that had competition shooting of pellet rifles on weekend nights and my father would also compete in first rifle...a .177 Diana (RWS) pellet rifle that I inherited from him.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?