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Comment: With well over half of black

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With well over half of black

With well over half of black families being split-up, either due to the War on Drugs or due to the requirement for Welfare, they(the Black People) still don't have family time, because they barely have families.

You say that they(black people) can own property, however in reality nobody can own property because if you do not pay the State, year after year, then they will take it from you; surely that cannot be considered owning property.

They(Black People) cannot get an education -at least not from the State, they(the Blacks) like the rest of us can pay to be indoctrinated; however, indoctrination is not education.

Surely, a Black person -like anybody else- can improve their lot in life; however, it is no different then the slave which helped the Master keep the other slaves in line, or like the Jew who would help the Nazi's at the Concentration camps. It doesn't actually mean that they are any better off then the rest of us, it is just that their place in line may be farther down then others.

You talk about valuing liberty; how is accepting a welfare check an act of liberty?