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Government as defined by...

Government as defined by criminals who tell lies and victims who believe in those lies is a counterfeit (false) version of government, for the criminals, of the criminals, and by the criminals, at the expense of the victims.

Fighting against false government is not the same thing as fighting against government.

The key point is where the criminals manage to falsify government.

Fighting against false government, or "government," is how good people, good men, good women, do something, so as to defend the innocent from harm, because if all good men (and women) do nothing (in defense of the innocent), then evil (crime, or willful injury upon the innocent) will flourish, and the meaning of government is thereby defined by good people who effectively defend the innocent in time and place from criminals with, or without, false government badges, licenses to kill that they give each other, licenses to steal that they give to each other, licenses to lie that they give to each other, on and on in false government.