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I downvoted your post

I down voted your post because I fundamentally disagree with the notion that Israel is not an apartheid state. For over 800 years the Palestinians called this land home. It is true they never had their own state as the Ottoman's ruled over them, but none the less they still were there. Israelis like to claim that the Palestinians are an "invented people," but this is not true, and is in fact consistent with rhetoric throughout history about the Jewish people.

The Palestinians live in camps where they face unimaginable suffering. They are trapped behind a wall, that make no mistake about it, is an apartheid wall that reaches up to 25 feet tall, spans over 150 miles (longer than the Berlin Wall) is electrified and topped with razor wire, guarded by military personnel known for their brutality, including the murder of Palestinian children. A couple of good books that discuss the camps are John Pilger's "Freedom Next Time" and Chris Hedges "War is a Force that Gives us Meaning." I would hope that you would take some time to read these and reconsider your position on the conflict.

Life in Israel also includes roads for "Settlers (Jews) only" which are modern and paved, and then roads for the Palestinians which are still dirt. Palestinians are also utilized as a cheap labor commodity for Israeli business interests, and they are often paid minuscule amounts for intense labor.

I will conclude by noting that the Palestinians are not perfect. They have utilized terrorist attacks against innocents in Israel. But this is a two-sided coin. If you were forced to live under these conditions would you not at least understand why somebody might lash out? It's not to make excuses, or to say that these people are right in their actions, it is simply acknowledging that blow-back is the result of aggressive foreign policy. I believe Dr. Paul would agree with me.

I hope you at least examine the conflict once again with an open mind, you don't have to end up agreeing with me, but hopefully you at least can understand that both sides' people suffer from this war, and that a severe inequity exists between these two peoples.