Comment: Remind me to wear a hat :)

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Remind me to wear a hat :)

So they don't see that fingerprint swirl.

In Taiwan, they call them "The Bent Neck Tribe" - people always looking down, fiddling with their phones.

Yesterday I scared a girl who was walking right towards me on the sidewalk with her face in her phone. She looked up and saw me in front of her, and was startled. Not that I haven't done the same thing.

I do find it sad. I see it in Samantha, zoned into that phone while I'm driving. It must be a terrible thing for parents to see in their kids.

On the other hand, one has to keep up with the times, or be left behind.

An excellent book on this topic I read a few years ago is Hamlet's Blackberry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age. I think it was published in 2010, when "Blackberries" were all the rage. The iPhone has since killed them, and the company is nearly out of business.

My first phone was a Nokia, and now that company is all but kaput.

Things are moving fast. Before you know it, the phone will be wired directly into our brains, so we don't have to walk around all stooped over.


He's the man.