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Suicide? You are an excellent instigator. I admire that about you.

"Walk the plank" was in jest. In case you hadn't noticed, we are not really on an Ark, unless you consider the Planet Earth an ark. I do not think it is physically possible to actually walk off of the earth. But hey, you've already shown that you weren't interested in physics.

Now, TwelveohOne, let's back up the clock a little bit and you answer some questions.

Have you ever written on a dollar bill? Put a penny in a press?

Have you ever owned a penny that has been pressed? What about the people you live with?

If so, you are a vandal. If you are in possession, then you would be an accessory after the fact.

I don't expect you to answer these questions, as the answers could be quite incriminating.

However, I do expect you to answer this:

If the property is owned by the state, who owns the state?

Hint: The people of that state

Get my point? Personally, I would never throw a Heineken bottle at anything or anyone because I do not want to violate the NAP and do not litter.

Do you recognize that these types of events happen when the State begins to overstep it's bounds?

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul