Comment: Man this is Overblown

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Man this is Overblown

The dude was jealous / shamed, if inappropriately so.

I'm an old fart and not a rich one. But If I had a hot young gf and she was boffing someone on the side I don't care if they are black, white, red, yellow or green, I'd be insecure, too and wouldn't want it flaunted in front of THE WORLD on national TV / at an NBA game. What's she trying to do, preserve the illusion that she's just a sweet single girl who is not really involved with a married NBA bigwig? Who can't see thru that?

Heck, the guy even told her it was OK to doink black dudes in private. He just didn't want it to be flaunted publicly / to be cuckolded in a BIG way. Talk about the pot calling the, black! He's skeezing around on his wife and he's making like he's the one who's hurt by his gf's infidelity? Laughable! Then he goes and makes it a racial thing. Like "White guys ok that's fine, I can compete with that, I got the do-re-mi, but everyone knows why you're hanging with black dudes, uh-huh."

This whole thing is wrong in so many ways, but him slipping a racial remark into his jealous tirade isn't the worst of them, IMHO.