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I literally don't get that channel

I can't 'tap into my spirituality'. Honestly I don't even know what that means.

And while clearly we agree on most issues, philosophically, that statement gives me the willies. It's hard for me to trust things that people 'just know'.

For me it seems that any justification for something people 'just know' is rationalization in support of opinion.

I can explain my ethical understanding and why I think things are wrong or right. I had to figure these things out.

While I am glad you believe in liberty, plenty of Christians do not. Notably non U.S. Catholics. Not to mention all the periods and places in history where Christianity and Judaism was decidedly not freedom friendly. Not to mention Islam and Hinduism, et al.

So 'just knowing' doesn't seem to be terribly reliable.

All these people 'just knew', or claimed to. Maybe you really do. But from the outside how am I to judge?

I think I can only judge by whether the person does in fact have a moral understanding that is correct, as you seem to.

I can only judge by the fruits of faith. I cannot perceive the seed of faith to know whether it's a seed of good or a seed of evil.

And I couldn't tell even the fruits if I didn't have an independent understanding of good and evil that didn't come from a seed of faith.